This is a forum for my thoughts and observations to compliment my yoga classes and continued study. It is my hope that this blog enhances not only my student’s yogic experience but also those who reside outside of that community. Yoga is so much more than the sculpted bodies that are touted in the media. It is a deep practice that encompasses self study, discipline, patience and reflection and these aspects are often lost in our world of immediacy.

Why the MD Anderson Study Matters

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Healthcare is all the buzz these days; its effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) along with its costs – so to see a significant study of the 5,000 year old practice of Yoga at a leading cancer research center means there just may be something to this Yoga stuff. (more…)

Mats For Vets

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Mats For Vets

Latest Update from U.S. VETS-Houston

I am passing along this update I received from Oskar with U.S. Vets Initiative.  Since his e-mail (see below) the 12 mats have been delivered and their first class was the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Thank you again for your support. (more…)

1,000 Hours Party

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1,000 Hours Party

Thanks to you, my students, I am now certified as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. This means I have taught over 1,000 hours of class time. A great excuse for a party!!


Community is More than Geography

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Community is More than Geography

There are so many ways to support your friends and neighbors right here in our community.  Please consider these local worthy causes here in Friendswood. Your help will be very much appreciated. (more…)

Let’s Get Physical

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February is the month of love and I am focusing on loving our bodies, not the body you want and not a body you see in magazines – Your Body – just as it is today – all of it.

We want to change our bodies – we want them to LOOK better.  But have you given much thought to their actual function?  This month I am asking you to turn your perspective from the surface appearance of your body to the physical function and begin to appreciate just how wonderful your body is and all it accomplishes every single day. (more…)

Can’t Get Up? Time For Yoga

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I hear it all the time; “I can’t do Yoga because I can’t get up off the floor”.  If this is your reason for not taking Yoga you may want to consider a new study by Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo of Brazil.  His research supports a correlation between your ability to sit and rise from the floor and life span.  This simple test is called the sitting to rising test and scores from 0 to 10 with points deducted for each “prop” you need to rise (props include hands, knees etc.) (more…)

The Face (and Body) of Yoga

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Yesterday I found myself poking around on Pinterest and of course I searched “Yoga”. As I scrolled through the visual representations of my beloved ancient practice I began to feel troubled and frankly angry. I have been a Yogi now for over a decade and have taught many others in the past several years but NONE of us look like THAT! (more…)

Team Flitter – 2012 Gulf Coast Lupus Walk

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Team Flitter,

Thank you all for your support!

We had a great time and raised much needed funds for Lupus research. I am so very proud to be your Yoga teacher and friend.


Getting Back on the Horse

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So often in life we find ourselves in the position of starting over again.  I am there now and I have been here before (many times) and I will be here again in the future.  As a friend once said “I’ve been around this mountain before” and doesn’t it feel sometimes like the never ending journey?  I suppose that is because it is.

Right now as I contemplate picking myself up and moving forward there is one thing that brings me comfort. (more…)

Finding Peace on the 11th Floor

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My life took a turn about six months ago when I received an offer I could not refuse.  I was given the opportunity to return, 3/4 time to accounting.  It was a tough decision, but I was able to negotiate my time so that I could still teach the majority of my classes.  My students have been wonderful and supportive, but as you can tell by my posts, I have struggled with balancing my time at the office and my time on my mat.

But I have recently made a change in my schedule that seems to be a promising answer.  My office is about 36 miles from my home, (more…)

Bread of Life

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Today I am making bread and as often happens to me it became a spiritual exercise.  As I was kneading in more flour it occurred to me that bread is a perfect metaphor for life itself.

The base of all bread recipes is to mix two ingredients together that do NOT want to be combined: flour and water.  By their very nature alone they should not be able to inhabit the same space at the same time.  But that is before you add that magic ingredient: yeast.  Yeast makes it all happen when it comes to bread.  I mean the melt in your mouth, can’t wait to eat it straight out of the oven (more…)

Yoga is a powerful tool that will change your life!

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It brings strength, flexibility and calm to your body, mind and Soul. I believe in the healing benefits of Yoga and know that Every Body can benefit. My fun, supportive classes create a connected community that is nurturing. My students who are dealing with health conditions find welcomed relief that allows them to move forward. All of my students know the level of my commitment to their individual growth. (more…)

My Enemy, My Teacher – Part 4

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What keeps you from being the best person you can be?  For most of us, if we are really honest the answer to this questions is: Myself.  And that brings me to the final part of this series.  Probably our best Enemy/Teacher is ourselves.

How many times have we said something like: I will start that diet again on Monday; I will make it back to yoga class next week; I will begin the search for a job that will make me happier next month.  (more…)

My Enemy, My Teacher – Part 3

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The next form of “enemy” is any situation that pushes us to our limits.  By definition these situations would be things that are out of our control and they vary by degrees in seriousness.  These moments “enemies” because they stress us and therefore they are also teachers.  These issues can range from temporary to permanent and everywhere in between.

These teachers can come in many different forms and what may be a “situation” for one person may be no big deal for another.  It can range from something as simple as locking your keys in the car to something as serious as a medical diagnosis.  (more…)

My Enemy, My Teacher – Part 2

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We have all had the experience of dealing with a person that either has a difficult personality or who just does not agree with our point of view.  This situation is usually frustrating and most defiantly stressful, so you may be wondering what exactly you can learn from these people.

First and foremost we must always remember the true meaning of Namaste; The Divine in Me Recognizes and Salutes the Divine in You.  This means EVERY person, no matter if we agree with them or not.  We must always remember that Divinity resides in them just as it resides in us and therefore they deserve respect just as we do. (more…)

My Enemy, My Teacher

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I had the honor to hear His Holiness the Dalai Lama speak in person several weeks ago, and I have been pondering his message ever since.  So I apologize for the long delay in posting, I hope it is worth waiting for.

One of his key lessons is that it is only through facing an “enemy” that we build strength.  I found this teaching to be so profound that I have decided I needed the space of several blog posts to explore it properly.   So this is the first in a series of posts that will explore how we can apply this philosophy to our every day lives. (more…)


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“Family is functional, not biological”

I have lived by this motto for most of my life.  I was not blessed with a biological family that functioned and finally in my late 20’s I learned that “Family is functional, not biological”.  This week I am thinking about what a Mother means in my life.   I am not one of those daughters who was blessed with a loving mother who was always there for me.  And for a very long time that role has been vacant in my life, until now. (more…)


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Last week was the one year anniversary of the explosion of the oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.  We all remember the devastation it caused and perhaps still causes on the ecosystem of the Gulf.  But we must never forget that eleven men lost their lives in that explosion.  I was listening to a radio interview with one of the widows and her story reminded me of a fundamental human need that all to often goes unfulfilled.

We all want a witness to our lives.  We need someone to acknowledge our unique story. (more…)

Control Issues??

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For the last couple of weeks I have been experiencing a bit of change.  And that means that my students have had to deal with some changes in our class schedule.  First off let me say that they have all been real troopers about the whole thing.  And I would like to take this opportunity to thank them from the bottom of my heart for all of their support.

Let me state for the record: Change makes me nervous.  I am much better with it since I have been practicing Yoga, but for me it is still a work in progress.  Let’s just say I have control issues.  I wonder if any of you can relate?  During this period of change I have been brought face to face with the remainder of my control issues, and it has been an eye opening experience. (more…)

Digging Deeper

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I had a conversation with someone very dear to me this week that got me thinking about what it is that really motivates our behavior.  I have been at this for so long now that I often forget what it was like when I first started this journey.  So our conversation reminded me of where I started and just how difficult it was back then to grasp what my my real motivations are.

Often when we act (react) without thought, we are actually acting from some place that is much deeper and is usually hidden from even ourselves.  For instance anger is almost always a mask for pain or fear.  We react with anger, but the real issue is our pain or our fear.  Anxiety can be a mask for fear – fear of the unknown.  Embarrassment can be a mask for lack of self esteem.  You get the idea.  Your combination may be different, but rest assured that there is always something deeper. (more…)

When the World is Falling Apart

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It seems like there is nothing but bad news everywhere right now and it can really start to affect your outlook on life.  Between the tragic events in Japan, the state of the global economy and frustration with our political/economic situation, how does a Yogi/Yogini keep perspective and frankly how do we keep Hope alive?

Something very interesting happens when we begin to practice Yoga.  The very essence of Yoga is to reconnect to the Divine in ourselves and others.  The result is that like the Grinch our heart grows three sizes.  We find that we FEEL others pain much more acutely.  It goes past knowing or understanding, these take place in the head.  But when we FEEL with others – that takes place in our Soul and our Heart.  It is much deeper and more profound.  As a result we may find that the pain of people a world away makes our chest ache. (more…)

Save Yourself!!

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Back about a million years ago I was a certified life guard.  I was in my teens and had worked my way up through the various Red Cross swimming certification levels all the way to the top,  It was a grueling process of written testing and physical stamina.  I did my certification at my summer camp so I had exactly one week to complete the entire process.  I spent every free moment and then some on studying or practicing rescue and loved every minute of it.  But recently I have been reminded of one aspect of that training.

First rule of rescue: SAVE YOURSELF FIRST.  It is a little counter intuitive but the theory makes perfect sense.  If I go out there to save a drowning person who is panicking, they WILL try to climb up my body to get out of the water.  That is just basic human nature.  They do not understand that in that moment they will drown me right along with them.  So my job as a life guard was to save myself FIRST then save the victim. (more…)