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This is a forum for my thoughts and observations to compliment my yoga classes and continued study. It is my hope that this blog enhances not only my student’s yogic experience but also those who reside outside of that community. Yoga is so much more than the sculpted bodies that are touted in the media. It is a deep practice that encompasses self study, discipline, patience and reflection and these aspects are often lost in our world of immediacy.


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Have you noticed all the devices that distract us from what is really important?  When we watch TV (a distraction in itself most of the time) have you noticed the crawl across the bottom of the screen?  When we go out for a meal with friends or family have you noticed how many TVs there are in the restaurant?  What about the radio playing everywhere?  And of course there are the ever present hand-held devices that make us feel that we are somehow missing something if we don’t know about it immediately.

Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what it is we are being distracted from?  How about why we are being distracted?  I am not talking about a conspiracy by the media or the makers of technology, they are simply filling the demands of the consumers.  The bigger question is; why are we, the consumers, demanding these distractions?  We can’t all have ADD!  (more…)

Welcome Spring!!!

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Spring has sprung and here on the Gulf Coast it doesn’t last nearly long enough.  So today I want to remind you to get out there and see the glory of nature.  Here are a few ideas.

* Take your mat outside under a tree and do your yoga

* Rather than meditation on your cushion take a meditative walk (more…)

Sometimes Reality Bites

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It is true – we can not escape the fact that sometimes reality just bites.  No matter how much we sit in meditation and work on our attitude and work our poses something will come along that just sucks.  It may be an old wound that will never quite heal or something totally new like a job loss or having to lay someone off, but it is bound to happen at one point or another.  So then what?

First and foremost we must see the issue for what it really is.  This is where the meditation and poses and journaling come in handy.  By using these tools to go inside of ourselves (more…)

Who we are – Really

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What makes us who we are, or more correctly who we think we are?  When we really stop and ask ourselves this question lots of answers come to mind; husband/wife, daughter/son, father/mother, accountant/yoga teacher, etc.  But does this tell the whole story?  Absolutely not.

From the time we are born we are labeled.  We see a newborn baby and the labels just start to flood the air; cute, sweet, angelic, etc.  And they don’t stop throughout our life.  In the end we may be labeled; feeble, strong, nutty.  Any number of descriptions from everyone around us including those who know us and those who do not.  Society is full of labels that stick to us like glue; single, married, single mom, divorced.  (more…)


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Wow.  It is COLD!  I think the high today in Houston Texas (South of downtown) has been somewhere in the neighborhood of 36 degrees.  Which brings me to…things that try our patience.  In this case – frozen pipes!!

It is amazing all the little things we take for granted that make our lives so much easier until they are taken away.  Like running water. And electricity.  Some people in the area today have had the frustration of rolling black outs. (more…)


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I have had several conversations this week about confidence.  Specifically about confidence in advanced Yoga asanas (poses).  First let me clarify what an advanced Yoga asana is.  It is any pose that YOU feel is just out of YOUR reach.  It is not full Hand Stand if you are just getting the hang of Plank.  In this scenario it would be holding Plank for five yogic breaths instead of three.

Remember that your Yoga is not my Yoga.  Your body is uniquely Yours – there has never been another body like yours and there never will be another like yours.  And with that uniqueness comes limitations and strengths.  So I am talking here about reaching outside of your preconceived notions about what you can do to achieve something you thought was just outside your reach – not doing the impossible.  Though someday that impossible pose just might be your favorite. (more…)

Thought to Ponder

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I have just finished Deepak Chopra’s book “Reinventing The Body, Resurrecting The Soul” and had a real insight moment.  He points out that none of us knows when we began this journey, what ever journey it may be, nor do we know when it will end.

We hear it all the time; “live your life as if each day were your last”?  But what about our FIRST day?  What if we approached each day with the enthusiasm and excitement of a child?  What would our outlook be if we were just as excited about that morning cup of coffee as if it were our first?  (more…)