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I hear it all the time; “I can’t do Yoga because I can’t get up off the floor”.  If this is your reason for not taking Yoga you may want to consider a new study by Dr. Claudio Gil Araujo of Brazil.  His research supports a correlation between your ability to sit and rise from the floor and life span.  This simple test is called the sitting to rising test and scores from 0 to 10 with points deducted for each “prop” you need to rise (props include hands, knees etc.)

This simple test has proven very effective in measuring musculoskeletal fitness – which is muscle strength, muscle endurance, power and flexibility – i.e. overall strength.

Watch  Dr. Araujo administering the test

So how does Yoga build overall body strength (and improve your score)?

  • Yoga uses your own weight to build strength and moves the body as it was designed to move.
  • Yoga works the major and minor muscle groups to achieve movements like bending, twisting and reaching.  These smaller muscles are necessary for stabilizing your skeleton.
  • Yoga trains your muscle groups to work in unison to achieve the everyday activities needed to move through life.
  • Yoga is unique in building lean muscle because it requires the muscle to stretch as it contracts which creates flexibility.

Change is possible – no matter your age or ability.  I have the privilege to work with a 90 year old student who could not rise from the chair unaided 4 months ago.  Now she pops right up using her own muscles – and that is beginning at 90.  Many of my students (50+) have told me that getting up from the floor is much easier than it was when they started.  So change is possible and does happen – with practice.

So, if you think you can’t do Yoga because you fear you can’t get up off the floor – think again.


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