FAQ | Yoga 4 You

When I meet students I see a unique person with unlimited potential. Often we are limited by expectations – sometimes by others, most often by our own. We judge, and are judged by our physical appearance or condition and may consider ourselves unable to participate fully. Not in my class. In my class I help each student achieve their potential, whatever that may be. By leaving judgments and expectations behind, the door to possibility is open and you can achieve much more than you ever thought possible.

Come to class. We all need to move our body and rest our minds.

Senior Advanced Class - Tree

Senior Advanced Class – Tree

Q: What do you need to do Yoga?
– A Yoga mat, loose comfortable clothes, a bath towel

Q: How much does it cost?
– $10.00 per class

Q: Which class is right for me?
– Review the class descriptions and choose the one that suits you best, or contact me and we can work it out together.

Q: Is Yoga a religion?
– No. It can be a spiritual practice that supports any religion, but my classes are secular.

Q: What if I am not flexible?
– Come to class. Most of us don’t start out that way.

Q: What if I am overweight?
– Come to class. We don’t all look like the models in magazines.

Q: What if I have a health condition?
– Contact me. Prospective students need to discuss all health issues with me before starting Yoga, but rarely is there a reason that prevents you from participating – we just need to make sure that you start out in the class that is the best fit for you. Please download the Registration Form, fill it out and call me. (Since I am not available to take calls during class you may have to leave a message, but I try to return all calls within 24 hours.)

If you don’t have a destination in mind you are suddenly free to journey onward.
Yoga can be a wondrous journey.