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February is the month of love and I am focusing on loving our bodies, not the body you want and not a body you see in magazines – Your Body – just as it is today – all of it.

We want to change our bodies – we want them to LOOK better.  But have you given much thought to their actual function?  This month I am asking you to turn your perspective from the surface appearance of your body to the physical function and begin to appreciate just how wonderful your body is and all it accomplishes every single day.

Love every single part of your body written of 3 feet

Let’s Get Physical

Our bodies are wonderful works of art that are so complex that science has barely scratched the surface of how it works.  There are so many functions that your body completes every second without an active thought from you, like breathing. Consider how the complex interaction of blood, bone and muscle allows for your every movement.

Look at your hand and instead of seeing the flaws you would usually see, acknowledge the wonder of what it can do and how it works.  Now turn that same perspective to a part of your body that you would like to change and notice how it alters your feelings about any other part of your body you would like to change.  This new perspective is especially important if you are facing health challenges.  Our mental attitude toward our body is key to how we take care of ourselves.

This isn’t about specific parts of your body or being complacent with where you are physically.  This is about shifting your attention from the surface APPEARANCE of your body to the amazing FUNCTION of your body. This is about accepting where you are today and appreciating the physical form that enables you to be present in the world.  When you begin to appreciate your body for the miracle it is – a transformation to love can begin.  When we love something we take good care of it and keep it safe.  This is not a magic wand that changes your body, but it can change how you look at yourself in the mirror.

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