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Latest Update from U.S. VETS-Houston

I am passing along this update I received from Oskar with U.S. Vets Initiative.  Since his e-mail (see below) the 12 mats have been delivered and their first class was the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Thank you again for your support.

To Cheri’s Yoga Students, 

I want to thank you all for the great deed that you have all done. I cannot express how much it means to not just me, but to the veterans. We are awaiting the arrival of the yoga mats and looking forward to starting our classes. I will be taking many pictures to share with you all of the veterans using their mats. We have been looking for the opportunity to provide our veterans who are in our program a chance at holistic healing, and our government grants do not allow us to purchase certain items. While we have been graced by a volunteer to lead the sessions, we lacked the mats. You all have stepped up to the plate in serving those who served. A really big thank you, and I will keep you posted on the veterans progress.

Much respect,

Oskar J. Gonzalez-Yetzirah (Sgt. USMC)
Outreach Coordinator
U.S. VETS-Houston
United States Veterans Initiative
4604 Main Street, Suite 213
Houston TX 77002 
“Serving Those Who Served”  

Yoga Mats for Houston Veterans Update

Your response to my request (see below) was outstanding!  In just 24 hours we were able to sponsor 12 mats for the veterans at U.S. Vets Initiative here in Houston.  I placed the order with Gaiam right away and they should be arriving any day now to the center on Main Street.

I believe with all my heart that I am so privileged to work with some of the most giving and thoughtful people in the world.  Thank you for your generosity.


Donate a Yoga Mat to Houston Veterans

Yoga Mats For Vets: Donate One Today

Can you sponsor a mat for a veteran?

U.S. Vets is a not-for-profit that helps veterans and their families with many transitional services. Now the Houston location will be adding Yoga classes, but they are in need of new mats. To read the U.S. Vets Mission Statement click here.

I have pledged to provide at least 10 mats for this class with each mat costing $30. I have chosen a 5 mm thick Gaiam mat because, in my experience, they are the most durable. The 5 mm thickness is important because many of these veterans are disabled.

I am asking you to sponsor a mat for a veteran. I will pay all shipping and taxes on the entire order but I am asking you to contribute $30 for the purchase of a mat. But any amount is helpful; it will all go to the purchase of the mats.

If you wish to participate please contact me so I know how many mats to order; I will arrange to have the mats shipped directly to U.S. Vets in Houston. You can give me the money for your mat at any of our classes.



  1. 11-8-2013

    Cheri, I would love to help. I will drop off the money at the center.

  2. 11-7-2013

    Cheri, I’ll be happy to donate a mat. I will see you in class.

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