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What keeps you from being the best person you can be?  For most of us, if we are really honest the answer to this questions is: Myself.  And that brings me to the final part of this series.  Probably our best Enemy/Teacher is ourselves.

How many times have we said something like: I will start that diet again on Monday; I will make it back to yoga class next week; I will begin the search for a job that will make me happier next month. 

How many times do we refuse to make positive change the priority it needs to be in order for it to happen?  We know what to do, but for some reason we just can’t seem to follow through.  I believe this is a clear case of not being committed to yourself as much as you are to everybody and everything else in your life.  Change takes commitment.

Prayer Pose - Namaste

Namaste – Prayer

We have no problem being committed to our spouses, children, jobs or even strangers, but commitment to ourselves is somehow not as important.  The inability to commit to yourself is your enemy, and thus your teacher.  If you sit in meditation and ask the question “what keeps me from committing to this change”, then the learning begins.  But you must get past the superficial answers you use as excuses every day (i.e. there is no time, I have to do ___ first, I am taking the weekend off).

I can hear you even now.  “But you don’t understand, my kids are so busy and I need to drive them etc”.  I know your kids are busy, your boss is unreasonable, the stress is so high you can’t put down the ice cream… There is always five minutes you can find, you can breath before talking to the boss, and you can meditate instead of eating that ice cream.  These are the moments that teach us.  Are you ready to learn?  Or how about this sentence: NO.  No is a complete sentence all by itself.  I give you permission to use it.

You must get past your ingrained patterns of behavior and thinking.  That is what learning is all about.  Open yourself to the possibility that you can choose a different response and you find growth on the other side.

The same holds true when we talk about thought patterns.  Do you have those tapes in your head that tell you: I’m not good enough, I’m not skinny enough, I’m not smart enough, etc.  These types of inner conversations are another enemy/teacher.  To begin to learn from them, we must first detach and ask “Is this true?”  Most of the time the answer will be no, they are not true.  These are false beliefs we have picked up on our life journey, or they could have once been true but no longer are.  Either way they do not serve you any more and they do not help you progress toward your best self.

No matter what your issues may be they are there for a reason.  There is a lesson you are meant to learn from them.  These are the toughest lessons to learn because it requires self discovery and that is hard.  I never ask you to do the easy thing, but I also never underestimate the effort that is required.  So I urge you to grab a seat in a quiet corner of your world and take a good look inside and see where your teacher resides then begin to work toward being your very best self.  You deserve it!

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