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What I most enjoy about Cheri’s class is her acceptance of each individual; no level of ability hinders success in her class. And learning a little at a time is easier to comprehend; not a hurry up and learn atmosphere. Thanks for caring enough about seniors to lead us every Monday.

Love Ya, Suzanne

Cheri is not only an amazing woman, but an incredible yoga instructor as well. She offers a relaxed, fun, enjoyable hour of yoga that truly benefits both body and soul. I have been studying with Cheri since her first class at Jump N Jungle and look forward to my weekly body/mind therapy. If you’ve never tried yoga, but have been curious, Cheri’s instruction will have you hooked and coming back for more.


Cheri is fantastic. She is a sweet and kind person who has an incredible passion for yoga. I never considered myself as someone who would enjoy yoga and was a little reluctant to try it. But from the moment that I met Cheri, I knew I would enjoy her. After 2 or 3 yoga classes, I also felt better and more relaxed and less back pain than I had in a long time. I feel stronger and more flexible as well. Cheri is very in tune to each individual’s needs and structures her classes to ensure that people of all yoga levels can have fun and get lasting benefits.

I am grateful that I have Cheri and Yoga in my life.


What a pleasure to experience Hatha Yoga with Cheri….she knows how to gear each lesson to the needs of the different students age and abilities. Always gently giving ways to improve our poses especially those with joint/back problems that come with aging…urgh! She is high spirited yet easy going with the whole class. Great to have a teacher that enjoys what she does. She laughs, she jokes, she accommodates us all… Very relaxing, not to mention I am getting stronger with each class…My balance is better, stress is less and gees I think I left some belly fat somewhere too….The follow up emails with each days lesson makes it easy to continue practicing our yoga at home between class. Try it I know you will love it! And Cheri as well.

Rose Cole Zeissig

I absolutely love Yoga with Cheri! I had always wanted to do yoga but never thought I could with a bad back and knee. Yoga with Cheri the past 4 months has made me stronger and improved my posture. I can work longer in my garden without as many aches and pains. Classes with Cheri are fun, relaxing, educational, invigorating and powerful. Cheri is an exceptional teacher. She is kind, caring and committed to yoga and her students. In Cheri’s own words “Yoga is for everyone.”

Camille Brown

I have been with Cheri only a short time. Her classes are fun, yet very educational. I love the fact that there is child care. She is very welcoming and can adapt to any level for each student. Not only does Cheri teach us yoga for our body but she also teaches us yoga for our soul.

Stephanie R.

I am so glad I found Cheri and her yoga classes! I look forward to them every week as a little bit of “me” time! The pace of the class is perfect for anyone at any fitness level because Cheri pays attention to all of our levels and needs. She teaches in a relaxed atmosphere that always makes you feel proud of whatever you did that day. One of the best parts is that we have fun in every class and always find something to laugh about!

Thank you, Cheri!


  1. 3-14-2016

    I have arthritis and degenerative disc issues, is there a class that can help?

    • 3-14-2016

      Yes!! The restorative class is perfect for your situation. It is a slower pace so we have plenty of time to adapt poses. I literally made this class for you and others like you

  2. 7-29-2015

    I am interested in joining an appropriate yoga class. I am 76, chubby, bad balance and would like to be stronger and able to “putter” in my back yard without danger of falling. Thanks for advising if you think you might be able to help. Linda

    • 7-29-2015

      Linda – Yes absolutely!!! E-mail me at cheri@yoga4you.biz and we will discuss which class(es) would be the best to start. Regards, Cheri

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