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Healthcare is all the buzz these days; its effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) along with its costs – so to see a significant study of the 5,000 year old practice of Yoga at a leading cancer research center means there just may be something to this Yoga stuff.

If you have been practicing Yoga you may think “I don’t need a study to tell me that Yoga works”, but it is a huge deal to read that an established medical research community actually confirms what we Yogis already know, and I want to share this with you.

The link between stress and illness has long been documented, but an effective mechanism to break the stress cycle has been illusive until now. Dr. Cohen’s (MD Anderson …..) first clinical study showed a positive effect when Yoga was part of treatment for breast cancer patients. His second study confirms that Yoga is “significantly” better than a simple stretching regime and most importantly confirmed the “significant” reduction of the stress hormone Cortisol as measured by a saliva test. This proves a direct correlation between the practice of Yoga and reduced stress.

It is this confirmation of Yoga’s direct effect on stress levels that has implications past breast cancer. Now that Yoga’s benefits have been confirmed in reputable clinical trials it is safe to say that the door has been opened to acceptance of Yoga’s therapeutic qualities in other diseases. Because Yoga is non-toxic, cost effective and easily accessible for those of all abilities it just may be the answer to some of our most pressing medical issues.

For more information about the MD Anderson study follow these links:

Dr Cohen’s study

Video of Dr. Cohen discussing the study

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